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Lawrence County Commissioners to decide to change court house hours - ARPA to county VFDs June 20th

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 15, 2023 - The Lawrence County Commissioners will be deciding on whether to change the hours at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Lawrence County Commissioners

Human Resources director Travis Sanders is on the agenda to make the recommendation to the Lawrence County Commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday June 20th at 9:30 am.

The Lawrence County Commissioners will also consider an agreement for American Rescue Funds Act grant funds to be distributed to the county's volunteer fire department and Lawrence County Fair preservation committee.

Lawrence County Commissioners will decide whether to distribute ARPA funds to the county's volunteer fire departments

The Lawrence County Commissioners have proposed a total of $950,000 be distributed among the county's volunteer fire departments and Lawrence County Fair.

Lawrence County received a total of $8.8 Million to distribute among various non-profits and organizations in Lawrence County.

The Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments did not receive any CARES Act funds even though the county volunteer fire departments responded to several medical emergencies during the COVID -19 pandemic.

Only one ambulance service in the county received CARES Act. Priority Ambulance Service was the only ambulance service to receive CARES Act funds.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department received CARES Act funds to purchase three police vehicles after the Lawrence County Council declined former Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham's request to purchase the police vehicles.

The remainder of the CARES Act funds went to non-profits who already received CARES Act funds from the federal government with several million going to the local school corporations.

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