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Lawrence County Commissioners tables funding request for "Men's Warming Center (SARAH)

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 11, 2023 - The Lawrence County Commissioners tabled the funding request from the "Men's Warming Center Tuesday morning.

All the county commissioners agreed they provide a valuable service to the county.

The Stone City Alliance for Recovery and Hope is the actual non-profit soliciting funds which needs $235,000 a year to operate.

This amount includes the $515,000 loan the non-profit used to help purchase a permanent location; after the could no longer use the former Salvation Army building on K Street.

Heather Flynn, Director, who is a paid employee made the pitch for the financial support for the group.

The shelter opens from November to March since 2014 to provide men a place to stay during the cold months of the year.

53 percent of the clients come from Lawrence County.

In addition, the non-profit provides resources to find job placement, medical resources and a path to find a place to live.

The City of Bedford provides annual funding to the group and they looking for other funding sources to carry on the mission which plans are for a full year of accessibility.

In the 2024 Budget of $35.7 million is the highest recorded budget over this year's record $30 million budget.

Here is a list of non-profits supported by Lawrence County government:

  • Lawrence County 4-H Council - $12,000

  • Lawrence County 4-H Preservation Board - $43,000

  • Lawrence County Museum - $15,000

  • SIDC - $12,000

  • Rural Transit - $8,000

  • Lawrence County Humane Society - $45,000

  • Bedford Redevelopment Inc. - $2,500

  • Bedford Fire Department Extrication contract - $75,000

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Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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