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Lawrence County Commissioners support IDEM Grant for Twin Creek and Lick Branch watershed

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 1, 2023 - The Lawrence County Commissioner wrote a letter of support to the Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District's implementation of an Indiana Department of Environmental Management section 319 Grant for the Twin Creek and Lick Branch-East Fork White River watersheds.

File photo of White River

Washington County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) will produce a watershed management plan (WMP) for the Twin Creek-Lick Branch watershed. The SWCD will implement a water monitoring program to gather reliable data to understand and prioritize watershed problems. Baseline data will be analyzed with local land use data to help the steering committee to prioritize locations in the watershed. Washington County will perform an outreach and education program to include a socio-indicator survey, media materials, brochures and flyers, education field days, presentations by staff, a clean-up event, and an educational display for events.

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