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Lawrence County Commissioners Issue Burn Ban until further notice

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBBER 21, 2021 - The Lawrence County Commissioners have joined Martin County in issuing a burn ban due to dry conditions.

The Town of Oolitic issued the first burn ban in Lawrence County earlier today, by 4:00 pm the Lawrence County Commissioners deciding to issue a county wide ban on all open burning.

The fireworks scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled.

Earlier story:The Fire Chief & Town Council of Oolitic has declared a ban on all open outside burning, effective immediately ... absolutely no exceptions!

This ban is supported and will be enforced by Ordinance 93.65 of the Town Code.

A burn ban is declared for the jurisdiction of the Town of Oolitic. Burn bans can be issued at any time in accordance with the 2014 Indiana Fire Code, Section 307.1.1 by the Town Council or the Chief of the Fire Department or acting Chief or his or her designee or the Town Marshal or his or her designee if such open burning constitutes a hazardous condition and is considered high risk. Enforcement and penalties associated with this Burn Ban are defined in Chapter 93: Section 99. (A) A burn ban dictates: (1) No open burning of any kind, absolutely no exceptions (2) No campfires / recreational fires of any kind, absolutely no exceptions (3) Fireworks limited to public display and if only then approved by the Chief of the Fire Department or acting Chief or his or her designee (4) All ashes from woodstoves and fireplaces are to be stored in an appropriate container so as to ensure no hot coals or embers could reignite causing fires (5) Only gas & charcoal grills will be permitted to be used during this time and charcoals must be submerged and verified to be no longer able to produce fire before disposal Please report any violations to the Oolitic Town Hall (812.275.6813) or the Marshal's Office (812.275.5523) Questions or issues with this order need to be directed to the Fire Chief and or the Oolitic Town Council.


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