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Lawrence County Commissioners Hear About Navy Partnership Program

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 15, 2022) - The Lawrence County Commissioners learned about a new program that five counties that surround the Crane Navy Base can form partnerships and be a part of.

Lawrence County Commissioners

The goal is to establish partnerships between the Navy and municipalities which capitalize on redundant or shared services performed by the Navy and the municipality by reducing cost to each.

Today's focus was to begin a dialogue to understand potiential opportunties for partnerships across a range of functional area or services common to both NSA Crane and the local municipalities.

Planned Benefits

  • Save money through economies of scale

  • Increase and retain Navy spending in the local community

  • Enhance the Quality of Services and resilency of Navy and Community operations

  • Improve Navy and Community Cooperation

  • Provide additional capacity in resources, skills, expertise, facilities and infrastructure

  • Improve Navy and Community relations

Scott Johnson told the commissioners that this will cut the red tape that is invovled with making purchases with the federal government and save taxpayers by buying in bulk quantities such as road materials, air filters, propane, swimming pool maintenance, grease trap cleaning, portable toilets, fire protection, and pavement repairs.

Today's discussion was to open up communication and see how the entities can work together.


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