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Lawrence County Commissioners Approves Application for CASA Program Grants

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 15, 2022) - Lawrence County Commissioners gave Rich Kosmala permission to apply for two CASA grant programs.

The first grant is a Victim of Criminal Act grant which is a continuation of an existing grant that already exist. The amount of the grant is approximately $300,000. This grant helps with the staffing of 3 staff members for the more than 150-200 Children in Need of Services cases the county currently handles.

A Wellness Project Grant is being applied this year, in the amount of $35,000. This grant will allow the department to focus on children that were deemed lower priority by the initial assessment.

In other business:

  • Approved Brad Bough's request to attend a veterans round table during office hours on Tuesday's. Bough states his office will have staff available when he is attending these round tables at the Free Methodist Church in Bedford. The meetings will be held on Tuesday's once a month. Lawrence County Zephyr will have a feature on this program in the near future.

  • Approved Sarah Turpen's request from Bedford Revitalization Incorporated to use the west side of the square during the Limestone Heritage Festival June 23 - June 26.

  • Approved Lawrence County Surveyor, Corey Allen's contract with Oser Surveying & Mapping LLC for section corner work in Perry Township. The cost of the contract is $12,825

  • Lawrence County Highway crews are cutting brush, making repairs to roadways, and soon as the asphalt plants open begin making additional roadway repairs.

  • Emergency Management Valarie Luchauer, is a presenter at a Cyber Security Conference and was not in attendance at today's meeting.

  • Brian Skillman Humane Resource Director gave the commissioners a parting speech and offered his availability to the incoming Human Resource director when hired. The Humane Resources department was formed in 2017 with the development of a employment handbook to some of the county departments in 2019.

  • There is still is a vacancy within the Lawrence County Highway department at this time.


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