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Lawrence County Commissioners approve Wellness App for county employees in 2-0 Vote

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 20, 2023 - The Lawrence County Commissioners approved purchase of custom wellness app for county employees during their meeting Tuesday morning.

The vote was 2-0 to approve the request, with Lawrence County Commissioner Wallace Branham abstaining from the vote as his son, Mike Branham former Lawrence County Sheriff, from The a division of OCV. LLC made the request.

The four-year contract will cost the county $11,995 for the first year and for the next three years annually $5,945.75. A total cost of the contract $29,830. The contract must also be approved by the Lawrence County Council next week.

The app will give instant access to critical health and wellness tools, education, and support.

" The app will give employees instant access to critical health and wellness tools, I believe if one of my friends had this tool, it might have prevented his suicide, said Mike Branham.

The tools will be available to county employees and their families.

The app will build mental health resiliency to move from mending trauma to preventing it.

The app will be customized to meet the needs of Lawrence County government which will provide:

  • Peer Support

  • Local Resources and Contacts

  • Get Help Now

  • Healthy Living - Exercise Sleep, Nutrition, Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Stress management, Family Support Resources, Financial Wellness, and other Wellness Resources

  • My Plan

  • Media

  • Wellness News

" We have looked over this several months and see the benefit of having this tool for our employees," said Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish.

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