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Lawrence County Commissioners Approve Grant Applications for Probation Department

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (APRIL 26, 2022) - The Lawrence County Commissioners approved grant applications for the Probation Department. The grant application of $700,000 will be used for various community correction programs, problem solving courts, other programs administered by the probation department.

Nedra Brock applied for two grants which included the Veterans Court in the amount of $52,185. This will help with the salary of a case manager and program materials. Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline started the program last year.

The other grant in the amount of $60,000 for pre-trial release programing which will help with the overcrowding at the Lawrence County Jail.

Lawrence County Commissioners approved adding Christmas Lights to the windows at the courthouse

In other business:

  • Approved Scott Nikirk request of $79,200 from Google for IT upgrades for email and storage of county data. This was a savings of $18,000 a year

  • Judge Nathan Nikirk gave commissioners an update on upcoming trials in May, June and July. Judge Nikirk also reported the number of "Children in Need" CHNS cases are down

  • Approved the Christmas Committee request to add lighting to the courthouse windows. This will be total donations from the community without any taxpayers money being used towards the project. No drilling of the concrete will be done for the installation. All OSHA regulations will be followed

  • Brad Bough reports the Memorial Day program will be conducted at 10:00 a.m. on May 30 with American Legion Post # 33 will be in attendance. Bough is trying to get area school children to also take part in the program. Update will be given at the May 24th Commissioners meeting

  • Bough also requested the commissioner's permission to purchase flags for those who did not receive a flag during Memorial Day. There are several thousand graves of veterans in Lawrence County.

  • Madelyn Nelson have been appointed temporary Human Resources director

  • Chief Deputy Gregg Taylor gave the jail report this morning. He reports 150 inmates, which include 119 - males, 31- females, 3 - Level-6 Felons, 12 - Department of Corrections, and 2 Parole



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