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LAWRENCE COUNTY - DECEMBER 6, 2022 - During their regular scheduled meeting this morning the Lawrence County Commissioners approved a four-year contract with IU lifeline Ambulance service.

The first two-years of the contract will be paid out of the American Rescue Plan Act Funds.

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The agreement will provide three 911 ambulances and one squad chase vehicle starting on April 1, 2023. Advanced Life Support staffing for 911 operations will be always maintained. The ambulances and chase vehicle will be stationed within Lawrence County on or before February 1, 2023, minimum staffing will consist of two ambulances and one squad vehicle to include Advanced Life Support coverage.

In addition, IU Lifeline will be providing an IU Lifeline Ambulance dedicated to inter-facility transfers for the hospital itself.

The IU Lifeline Team is currently working to staff the ambulance crews with 16 Emergency Medical Technicians, 4 to 5 paramedics and two additional Lawrence County employees have been hired to help with the staffing.

Classes will get underway on January 19, 2023, paying those willing to take the EMT classes Monday - Friday. Once those completing the classes if they pass the class, they will be offered positions with IU Lifeline Ambulance service.

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The three ambulances will not leave Lawernce County except for the patient transports from the incident scene to the appropriate hospital emergency department or in support of time sensitive surgical or medical emergencies from IU Bedford Hospital to the closest appropriate definitive care as o April 15, 2023.

Lawrence County agrees to dispatch ambulances in conjunction with the emergency response system by means of the Lawrence County Central Dispatch and Lawernce County Central Dispatch agrees to provide portable radios and Mobile Data Terminals integration support all the IU Lifeline emergency vehicles stationed within Lawrence County.

The county agreed to pay $300,000 from April 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 with an annual stipend of $400,000 in years 2024, 2025, 2026 with the payments made biannually on June 30th and December 31 of each contracted year.

The county will have an oversight committee every month to Quality data to review, 911 Utilization, run volume, response times, and initiatives regarding patient care.

The agreement will begin January 1, 2023, and run through December 31, 2026.

On average there are approximately 350 911 calls dispatched monthly.

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