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Lawrence County Commissioners and Council Approve Final Invoice at 4-H Fairgrounds

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 22, 2002 - Both the Lawrence County Commissioners and Council approved Bill Spreen's request from the Lawrence County Preservation Committee invoice for repairs to the bleachers at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds.

This request will completely deplete the fund.

The contractor will be removing the bleacher from the grandstands on one side and replacing them with the bleachers on the other side with the aluminum bleachers purchased from the Mitchell Community School Corporation.

There were concerns from the insurance carrier about the safety of the public with the aging bleachers and kick boards will be added as additional safety features.

Dant Clayton Corporation from Louisville, KY will be paid $34,950 for the work performed.

During the Lawrence County Council meeting Bill Spreen took issue with the Lawrence County defunding the Lawrence County 4-H Preservation Fund during the budget process for 2023. This is after the first year of the fund being established to help the youth from Lawrence County.

This came after Lawrence County Council member Jeff Lytton recommended that the fund be discontinued. The funding for the Lawrence County Airport increased along with an increase of 165 percent levies for the airport, and 27 percent cut to the Lawrence County Health Department.

Bill Spreen takes issue with the Lawrence County Council defunding the Lawrence County Preservation Fund

Earlier this year, Bill Spreen submitted an invoice to the Lawrence County Commissioners $14,800 to Lester Wagler & Sons Construction LLC invoice to the Lawrence County Commissioners.

However, Indiana Farm Bureau Board paid for $7,400 for work performed at the Expo Hall at the fairgrounds and expected the Lawrence County Council to pay the Lawrence County Preservation Fund the full amount.

The committee of Lawrence County Commissioner Dustin Gabhart, Bill Spreen and Lawrence County Council member Scott Smith to make sure the county funds were spent as directed and without impropriety which did not happen.

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