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Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish Responds to Questions from Voters

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 21, 2022) - Lawrence County Commissioner president Rodney Fish responded to subscriber's questions from the Lawrence County Zephyr. Each candidate for Lawrence County Commissioners were given four questions.

These questions were:

  • What are the top three leading concerns in the next four years that Lawrence County will be facing?

  • The release of the Lawrence County Justice Study this year, how will you address those concerns?

  • Lawrence County received $8.8 Million in ARP (American Rescue Plan) funding. How are you identifying the way those funds will be distributed and to who those funds will be given?

  • Why should voters put you in as the next Lawrence County Commissioner?

(Lawrence County Commissioner President Rodney Fish)

Lawrence County Commissioner Fish responded to those questions in the following statement.


The Lawrence County Commissioners will be facing some concerns in the next 4 years. Finding and retaining employees to fill the needs of county departments is one such concern.

Another concern is resolving the issue of needs versus wants within county departments. We have been fortunate in the last few years to be able to fund most all of the actual needs within our area of responsibility. With the influx of additional funding, we may be able to fulfill some areas that have been set aside due to a lack of funding.


The jail is also a leading concern. The study recently completed and released by RQAW shows a future need for the county will be to invest in the replacement of our facilities. In my mind, this is not just a “bricks & mortar” question.

We have societal problems that need to be addressed along with the space to house those who choose to not conform to the laws of the land. Drug use, abusive behavior, and theft are the leading contributors to jail overpopulation. The judicial system along with law enforcement have had a positive effect in the law few years in helping to contain those numbers. We are reviewing the study and looking at the many facets of what a project like this will require in funding from the county.


While many have perceived the ARP funding as a windfall for local government agencies, it has also created some conflict due to a misunderstanding of the restrictions for the use of those funds. To assure that Lawrence County complies with the rules, we have contracted with Baker Tilley to act as our consultants in determining what is or is not appropriate in dispersing those funds. Changes as recent as a few weeks ago have made even the final ruling a moving target for us. Misuse of the funds could cause the county to repay those dollars allocated improperly out of our existing limited county funds. We as commissioners are looking at a number of actions to utilize those funds to positively affect the highest number of people.


It has been my pleasure to serve the Lawrence County community in many capacities. I hope I have earned the confidence of the public that I will continue to serve with honesty and integrity to the best of my ability.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to follow developments in this year's primary election.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will be submitting questions this week to Lawrence County Council candidates. All Lawrence County Council candidates will receive the same four questions.

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