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Lawrence County Commissioner approve School Resource Officer contract with SCA

SPRINGVILLE - MARCH 28, 2023 - The contract and MOU was approved by the Lawrence County Commissioners during their meeting Tuesday morning for the Springville Community Academy to have a School Resource Officer.

Springville Community Academy and Rural Affairs

The School Resource Officer will be sworn in by Sheriff Greg Day as a special deputy, to hold police powers.

The SRO will be a school employee who has already completed Indiana Law Enforcement Academy training or previously been employed duties as a law enforcement officer in the State of Indiana.

The Sheriff must approve the hiring of the SRO and will provide support to students, parents, educators, and staff in matters related to law enforcement.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department will provide training and equipment to the SRO, consistent with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

The School Resource Officer will assist the school and the school safety specialist to develop a school safety plan as required by Indiana State law.

Video: Sheriff Greg Day talks about jail numbers, dispatch staffing and Springville Community Academy SRO

The MOU with the Springville Academy says the school is responsible for the benefits, insurance and compensation of the SRO. The SRO must comply with all policies and procedures of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department who will provide the training. The Lawrence County Sheriff can revoke the Special Deputy status of the SRO at anytime.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department will provide a 2011 Crown Victoria Police car.

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