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Lawrence County Auditor to ask to hire Deputy for her Office on Tuesday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 27, 2023 - Lawrence County Auditor Jessica Staggs will be seeking a hire a Deputy for her office on Tuesday. This is one of items on the agenda for the meeting.

The complete agenda is listed below:

Lawrence County Commissioners Meeting

January 31, 2023

9:30 A.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Minutes for: January 17, 2023 Regular Meeting &

Board of Finance Meeting

3. Approval of Claims

4. Approval of Payroll

5. Appointments:

Corey Allen – Contract for Section Corner Perpetuation

Jody Edwards – Retaining Attorney for Bankruptcy

Chad Shew & Nedra Brock-Fleetwood - Grants

Jessica Staggs – Hire/Salary Request

6. Items for Consideration:

Spice Valley Landscape Contract

7. Department Reports:

Highway – Brandi Webb

Emergency Management – Valerie Luchauer

Sheriff – Greg Day

Chief Public Defender – Tim Sledd

8. Any Unfinished Old Business:

9. Adjournment



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