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Lawrence County Animal Control investigating Animal Neglect and Abandonment Allegations

JUDAH - MARCH 10, 2023 - Lawrence County Animal Control is investigating allegations of animal neglect and abandonment in the 600 block of Briarwood Lane Friday morning.

At this time Lawrence County Zephyr have not been able to confirm any citations or removal of animals from the premises or any citations issued to the animal owners.

According to reports the dogs were left without food or water. The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, Lawrence County Animal Control, and property management was on the scene this morning.

The allegations were that two dogs were buried in the front yard of the residence. One of the, three dogs have been removed Friday afternoon, from the property according to persons familiar with the situation.

Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day confirmed to the Lawrence County Zephyr that animal control officers are on the scene but was not able to release any further information at this time.

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