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Lawrence County 4-H Youth Learn Finances and Money Management

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 18, 2022 - The important life skills need to be taught at a very early age. Lawrence County's best youth program is literally in your own back yard.

John and Andrew McKnight stand with Hawk preparing for Saturday's Autction

The value of 4-H programs is undervalued in many ways. But there are many life skills that can be taught with practical and in a hands-on way.

One of those life skills is Finances and Money Management, and the youth can learn what saving and spending looks like in the real world.

On Saturday, the Lawrence County 4-H Youth was auctioning off livestock in order to purchase feed, save for the next animal, purchase a vehicle, or their education.

" I am going to put my money in my bank account," stated John McKnight who was preparing to get his cow " Hawk" ready for the auction Saturday afternoon. " I am saving for, college and hoping to get a job to also pay for it,"

John McKnight, is age 10, and want to learn the blacksmith trade. " I watched how they made weapons and it made me want to learn how to do that," The Burris Elementary School is excited about getting started on his career path. McKnight had "Hawk" for about six weeks.

Andrew McKnight, was getting ready to auction off Chevy Jr. Jr. Jr. or the Fourth as he called his cow. Andrew is also saving for college and maybe a new car. McKnight's career choice is both Agriculture and Meteorology.

McKnight says he got interested in Meteorology back on December 13, 2021, he seen on YouTube the Hattie Missouri E-F4 Tornado. McKnight says that meteorology will help determine when to plant, spray or even forecast drought potentials, and harvesting. McKnight says this year's planting season started off wet, but later on during this summer it got dry, especially during the wheat harvest.

Andrew Mcknight attends Mitchell Junior High School and will be turning 12 in October. Mcknight says they usually purchase one or more cows about every year to get them ready for the 4-H season.

Bella Nottger with her pig " Ernie" will be using the money for future purchase of livestock and supplies

Bella Nottger was preparing to sell her pig " Ernie" had her pig since about March. According to Bella she will be using the proceeds from the auction to help purchase her next pig or purchase feed, or things to keep the pig clean and healthy.

" I am going miss Ernie, and he is by far my favorite so far," said Bella. " Ernie really acts like a dog, he super understanding and has personality, that I do not believe most pigs have,"

" I want to go into medical, more like being a large animal vet, making sure I stay in the agriculture business and fields,"

Bella attends Spring Valley High School who is a junior this year.

Graham Nottger with his pig " Casper" the funds from the auction will be used to purchase another pig and supplies

Graham Nottger, who is showing Casper, the pig. Casper got his name by being super quiet. "He to has plans to use the funds for future materials and equipment. Graham had a successful 4-H experience, this year's barrel class which he was fifth overall. He also won in production litter.

Nick Flynn with his cow " Donald Trump" does not know what he will do with the money raised from Saturday's Auction

For Nick Flynn he did not know what he was going to use his funds for after selling off his cow named Donald Trump.

Research says the need to start teaching youth early on about money and financial literacy.

Once youth start hearing money words such as income, expenses, budget and spending plan, and then doing hands-on money activities, they will begin to understand what it means to save, spend and share. The Lawrence County 4-H Fair is the most practical way for parents to teach their children this important life skill.

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