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Lawrence County 4-H State Fair Results

LLAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 8, 2023 - Lawrence County 4-H is proud to announce the 2023 State Fair results for our very talented exhibitors.


"We are beyond proud of all of our members who displayed hard work and dedication in all of their exhibits at our county fair, and on the state level," said Leslie Lodmell.

Ribbon placement is done slightly different on the state level than it is at our county fair.

Below is a list of what each ribbon indicates:

 Green – Participation

 White – Poorly constructed or barely meets exhibit requirements

 Red – Adequately constructed or does not fully meet exhibit requirements

 Blue – Very complete exhibit; meets exhibit requirements, and is well constructed

 Orange – Exceptional blue ribbon exhibit (Merit)

 Sweepstakes is awarded to the best overall exhibit in that 4-H project subject matter area.

This year, our exhibitors did an exceptional job in bringing home more orange ribbons than we have seen in years prior! Below is a list of the exhibitor and their project that received an orange merit ribbon:

 Joe Newton-Pursell – Arts & Crafts: Limestone carving of a globe on pedestal

 Andino Scarfone – Computer: Poster

 Emma Gabhart – Consumer Clothing: Outfit and Notebook

 Anna Burrus – Creative Writing: Elemental Adventures - a fiction story

 Emily Chase – Creative Writing: Biography on Mae Jemison

 Austin Harms – Foods, Baked: Yeast Rolls

 Ruth Striblin – Foods, Baked: Challah Bread (a braided yeast loaf)

 Kuila Atkinson-Leaneagh – Foods, Preserved: Frozen Soup

 Erin Carroll – Foods, Preserved: Freezer Jam

 Ellie Matheny – Geology: Poster on geological structures of Indiana

 Kierra SurVance – Photography: Head of goat with dark green background

 Eleanor Howat – Photography: Salon print black and white

 Hanna Minton – Photography: Horse Skull/Flower Background

 Isabelle Barker – Rabbit Poster or Display: Poster

 Ellie Matheny – Weather and Climate Science: Lawrence County Tornado Poster

 Anna Burrus – Woodworking: Bench

 Jacob Burrus – Woodworking: Chessboard

For a full list of State Fair results, click here State Fair Results ( If you have questions, feel free to contact the Purdue Extension-Lawrence County office, 812-275-4623, by emailing the 4-H Extension Educator, Lesley Lodmell at

For breaking news, news and information go to or like/follow the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.

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