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Lawrence County 4-H Council Promotes Education of Young People

By: Bill Raines

Lawrence County Zephyr

LAWRENCE COUNTY - ( November 23, 2021) - One unique aspect to the 4-H program is that it is truly driven by local needs and input, even though it is also supported by the Land Grant University system across the entire nation.

While some direction is given by the state 4-H entities, many of the programs offered and policies exist are enacted by the local 4-H groups.

In Lawrence County, this is commonly the Lawrence County 4-H Council.

The 4-H Council is the governing body that exists to promote the education of young people. The advise the 4-H educator and the educational 4-H program in the county; develop rules, policies, and procedures; promote the 4-H program; set the schedule and coordinate events such as the fair; and much more.

The 4-H Council is a group of outstanding, local volunteers that meet monthly to review the needs of the 4-H program and take action.

There are 15 volunteers elected to the board by the 4-H community, and they elect their officer team.

Each township has a representative, and they are also representatives from different groups such as Club Leaders, 4-H Junior Leaders, Lawrence County Fair Board, and Lawrence County Extension Board.

The Extension Educator for 4-H and Youth Development serves as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the board.

The 4-H Council is also the primary financial supporter of the 4-H program, and they go even further by completing annual fundraising efforts to support 4-H, with the help of some clubs.

A few things they fund include: scholarships for members to attend events like 4-H camp, college scholarships, supporting fair activities as a capstone experience for members and coordinating the purchasing and distribution of awards.

The local 4-H program is made possible, thanks to the 4-H council and the support provided by the volunteers that serve as members.

" The reach of the entire 4-H program is beyond many other youth organizations. As a member of the 4-H Council, I know that my actions are shaping the development of our community future leaders. This thought drives me to continue to volunteer. I am able to witness the culminating event of 4-Her's dedication and perseverance; I can watch a child grow into a confident public speaker. These intrinsic motivators constantly remind me of the good in our world, that rural values are being taught, and that our future is in good hands. I serve as a 4-H Council member because I understand the importance of the entire 4-H program and believe in what it provides to the community," Amy Redman 4-H Council member and active volunteer.

Facts: The Lawrence County 4-H program had youth participation in 2021 with in the Lawrence County fair totaling over 2000 exhibits, and 19 4-H clubs. The youth had 125 entries at the Indiana State Fair, six receiving a Orange Merit.

Editors note: This information was provided by the Lawrence County Extension agency quarterly report.

Photo: Amy Redman 4-H Council member and volunteer

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