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MITCHELL - JANUARY 11, 2023 - Larry Caudell was elected president of the Mitchell City Council during their first meeting of 2023.

Larry Caudell was elected another term as president by the vote of the Mitchell Town Council

Georg James was elected Vice-President and the city council was introduced to the new city attorney John-Paul Isom, Paoli, Indiana.

Vicky Schlegel Mitchell City Council District #2 sits in on the first meeting following her appointment to replace Nathan Jenkins who is currently serving as mayor

Vicky Schlegel attended her first meeting since being appointed to Mitchell City Council District # 2 seat.

Mitchell City Council 2023

During the meeting Tuesday night, the Mitchell City Council continued on the with their business at hand which included the following:

  • Approved the MOU with the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission. The Lawrence County RDC will also meet on Thursday at the Lawrence County Courthouse at 10:00 a.m. to approve the agreement. The proposal has been discussed for several months and both parties have finally reached an agreement adding that maintenance and insurance coverage The project will allow for a business to use the building bringing more economic opportunity to the City of Mitchell.

  • The water/sewer upgrades at the Flynn Project financing were approved to have the city borrow the money, instead of issue a bond for the upgrades. If the city used bonds the interest would have added an additional $120,000 to $140,000 to the base cost estimated $700,000 to the project. The city plans to use a variety of funds from the ARPA, and water/sewer funds. The water/sewer upgrades come after an agreement under late/former Mayor Butch Chastain; should the property at Doc Hamiliton and Rabbitsville Road would ever be developed the city will furnish water and sewer.

  • Approved the Holiday Schedule and Roadblock schedule for the city of Mitchell. Lawrence County Bikers Association thanked the city council for their support and gave the city council an update on their efforts in 2022.

  • Duke Energy will be replacing the city's 338 streetlights which does not include the Main Street area. The project will have a huge savings to the city once the project is completed. The billing for the city for the streetlights is $3,480.15 a month. The billing once the project is complete will be $1,215.05. A rebate of $10,905 will be given to the city at the completion of the project.

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