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Land Banking and Amended Fairground Invoice on Agenda Tuesday for Commissioners

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 29, 2022 - The decision to join other counties through a 12-county region of land banks to combat unsold properties from tax sales is on the agenda.

Lawrence County Commissioners Wally Branham, President Rodney Fish, and Dustin Gabhart

In addition, an amended invoice of payment for repairs done to the Lawrence County Farm Bureau Building at the fairgrounds is on the agenda. During the county council meeting Tuesday night, the request for $14,800 presented by Bill Spreen was an overpayment for the work.

The Lawrence County Council discovered that the Lawrence County Farm Bureau Inc. already paid for half of the repairs in the amount of $7,400.

The commissioners created a committee to oversee the allocation of county funds, for improvements at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds. The committee includes County Commissioner Dustin Gabhart, Lawrence County President Scott Smith, and Bill Spreen.

A complete agenda is listed below:

Lawrence County Commissioners Meeting

August 2, 2022

9:30 A.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Minutes for: July 19, 2022

3. Approval of Claims

4. Approval of Payroll

5. Appointments:

Monte Goen – Vacate Alley in Leesville

6. Items for Consideration:

Jeremy Elrod – Morley Corporation

7. Department Reports:

Highway – Brandi Webb

Emergency Management – Valerie Luchauer

Sheriff – Mike Branham

Public Defender – Tim Sledd

8. Any Unfinished Old Business:

Fairgrounds Amended Invoice

Land Bank

9. Adjournment



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