• Bill Raines


LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVBEMBER 20, 2022 - The annual L.I.F.E. Fantasia will be held at the Lawrene County 4-H Fairgrounds on December 3, 2022.

This will be the 29th year of the event to raise money for the organization.

The fundraisers bring in approximately $25,000 to $33,000 a year and is the organizations only event to help them serve the community.

The contributions go directly towards the operation of the food pantry, rent, or mortgage assistance, or utility assistance.

You can help by raising much needed funds by donating a decorated tree, or other items. To find out how to help this organization you can go to www.life.org

LIFE is a nonprofit 501(3) organization that was started in 1987. The cooperative ministry is supported by more than 40 churches in Lawrence County.

LIFE provides emergency food assistance every 30 days and emergency rent or mortgage/Utility assistance.

In addition: LIFE sponsors L.I.F.E. Blessings which gives local students a bag of nutritional food on Fridays to take home to help with food in security. The pantry delivers more than 12,000 items each month to families in need.

The demand is expected to increase over the next year and the support of the organization is greatly appreciated.

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