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Kevin Dustin Bunch will challenge two other candidates in Lawrence County District 1 Race

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 15, 2022 - Kevin Dustin Bunch Libertarian candidate for Lawrence County Council District 1 Race will face off with two other candidates.

Kevin Dustin Bunch Lawrence County Council District 1 candidate

Bunch will face off with Republican candidate Amy Redman and Democrat candidate Donald Smitter.

Bunch released the following statement, "I'm Kevin Dustin Bunch and I am running for County Council District 1. For years the county government has mismanaged funds. We currently have a deficit that has lasted far too long. I believe we should have transparency on how taxpayer money is being spent, and if it should be spent at all. I want to be the servant for the people of Lawrence County who they can trust and know that money that has to be spent, is being spent fiscally. Lawrence County is in need of new leadership. I want to bring a fiscally responsible future to Lawrence County. Elect Kevin Dustin Bunch for County Council District 1,"

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to provide election coverage.

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