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Judge Plummer Sentences Man to Prison for 862 days for Probation Violation

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 18, 2022 - Judge John M. Plummer III revoked 862 days of probation and sentenced Joe E. Speer to the Indiana Department of Corrections for 862 day

Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III

Joe E. Speer was convicted of Theft, a Level 6 Felony, in April of 2022 and sentenced to serve 545 days of supervised probation. In addition, Mr. Speer had to work toward getting a high school equivalency certificate, obtain gainful employment and complete 80 hours of community service. On August 5, 2022, a petition to revoke probation was filed. Speer had failed to show up to numerous appointments, had not obtained employment, nor could he prove that he had been trying to obtain employment.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II

Additionally, Speer failed to take any steps toward obtaining his high school equivalency certificate. Arp stated, “Speer was given every opportunity to improve his life and not be a burden to the Lawrence County taxpayer, unfortunately he chose not to take his situation serious, and Judge Plummer sentenced him accordingly”.

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