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Judge Cline Sentences Woman to Department of Corrections

Lawrence County Zephyr

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (December 10,2021) - Lawrence Superior Court II Judge Robert Cline sentenced Brittany N. Turpen to eight years in the Indiana Department of Correction after she was terminated from the Lawrence Superior Court II Problem- Solving Drug Court.

Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline

Turpen, 34, Bedford, entered into the problem-solving drug court Nov. 14, 2019, after she had been charged by the State of Indiana with numerous drug-related and other offenses in three separate cases.

In her most recent case, she pleaded guilty to Forgery of a Prescription for Legend Drugs and the Habitual Offender enhancement. She had previously entered guilty pleas to Possession of Marijuana as a Class A Misdemeanor in one earlier case, and to Theft as a Level 6 Felony in another case, for both of which she was on probation when she entered the problem-solving drug court.

However, after multiple failures to follow the program rules and expectations over the course of two years, the problem-solving drug court team determined Turpen could not complete the program and she was terminated from participation.

“It is our goal with the problem-solving drug court to address the core reasons defendants become involved with the justice system,” said Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Weddle. “Drug-related crimes have a major impact on our community. If we can work with defendants through our program of highly structured judicial intervention to address their substance abuse problems, then it’s better for Lawrence County and the State of Indiana.”

“We also recognize that not all offenders will successfully take the required steps to complete the problem-solving drug court. It’s disappointing, but when that happens, we must take a tough stance for the safety of our community. Termination from the program and a sentence to be served in the Indiana Department of Correction was the appropriate outcome in this case.”

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