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Joshua Stevens Found Guilty on all Five Counts of Child Molestation

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 25, 2022 - The jury deliberated less than one hour Thursday afternoon to render a guilty verdict against Joshua Stevens who was found guilty on all five counts of child molestation.

The trial itself lasting three days before the verdict was rendered Thursday afternoon in Lawrence County Superior Court I with Judge John Plummer III presiding.

Joshua Stevens convicted on all five counts of child molestation on Thursday afternoon

Joshua Stevens was immediately taken into custody and transported to the Lawrence County Jail by order of Judge John Plummer III. Stevens will remain there until his sentencing.

A sentencing hearing will be held on September 22, at 1:00 p.m.

Stevens originally waived his rights to attend the trial on Tuesday, however he was arrested by Monroe County authorities on charges of possession of a narcotic drug, and possession of paraphernalia on Wednesday afternoon.

These developments put the trial on hold for more than four hours on Wednesday. Stevens finally appearing in the courtroom for the duration of the trial.

Lawrence County Deputy Prosecutor Jenny Tucker-Young

The jury of 10 men and two women heard three days of testimony from several witnesses called by the Lawrence County Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Kempf and Jennier Tucker Young.

Public Defender Bruce Andis and Nicholas Moll did not present any witnesses Thursday afternoon on the behalf of Stevens.

Lawrence County Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Kempf

Two alternates had to be used when on Wednesday one juror told Lawrence County Judge John Plummer III she could no longer serve.

A second juror fell ill on Thursday afternoon after lunch and was replaced by juror number 11 to take her place.

During the trial the victim testified that the sexual abuse started at the age of four and ended seven years later when she told a family member about the sexual abuse.

Defense Attorney Bruce Andis maintains the victim just did not want to live with her parents after moving over nine times in the seven years. The family having utilities shut off on several occasions, as well as being evicted. Joshua Stevens was unemployed several times and could not maintain a regular job.

Andis maintains the victim fabricated the story.

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