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John Lee is Seeking Indiana Representative District #65 Seat

BEDFORD - MAY 1, 2022 - John Lee is seeking the Republican nomination for Indiana Representative District #65 seat currently being held by Chris May.

John Lee

Subscribers of the Lawrence County Zephyr was asked to submit questions to the candidates for Representative for District #65.

Here is John Lee reply to those questions:

1. Do you believe the State Legislature has helped or hurt Indiana's Education System and why?

There has been some legislation that has helped and some that has hurt our Education System. I am encouraged knowing that the parents have more choices for their children’s education and that we, as parents, are holding the school boards more accountable. As a Representative I would gather information from parents and teachers prior to voting on any education bill.

2. Do you believe Land Banking is essential for rural communities?

No, I do not believe that Land Banking is essential or beneficial for rural communities. There are times where it can be beneficial for a city (as opposed to a rural area) to use Land Banking but it must be done very carefully.

3. How can the Indiana revenues from taxes be better reach the rural communities of Indiana?

Knowing the needs of rural communities is where we need to start. Distributing the revenue to the rural communities cannot be held at the same standard across the board. The needs might differ from county to county and statewide legislation must acknowledge that when a decision is made.

4. What are the four biggest issues that the state legislature will have over the next four years?

Education, Roads (including Mid-States Corridor), Development, and Jobs are the four that come to my mind immediately. Others are on the list as well, however those four have been subjects on the minds of the constituents lately.

List any additional comments or issues not addressed in these questions.

My degree is in Public Relations/Communications/Ethics, and I have been using what I have learned from those living in this district, along with that degree, to focus on helping the people of this area. I want to help our communities prosper. Several years ago, I spearheaded a movement to help a small western town in Indiana grow. Within a few months, that small town welcomed several new businesses while keeping the town a great place to live. It will and can work! I enjoy listening to the interests and concerns of others. I believe that it is the job of a Representative to talk to and listen to the needs of the constituents.

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