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Jessica Allen Appointed Lawrence County Recorder

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 23, 2022 - Jessica Allen has won the caucus for the vacant Lawrence County Recorder position. She will succeed Myron Rainey and be sworn into the position on Monday, July 25th.

Prior to the vote a moment of silence was given to honor the memory of Mryon Rainey who served both as Lawrence County Clerk and Recorder.

Jessica Allen has previously been elected as Lawrence County Recorder and will continue to finish the work of digitizing public records.

Jessica Allen receives a congratulatory hug following the vote Saturday afternoon

The Lawrence County Republican Party held a caucus at the Stonegate Arts & Education Center Saturday afternoon with a total of 25 votes cast for Allen.

" I thankful to God and everybody here. I am glad to be taking over Myron's position," said Jessica Allen following the vote. Allen will finish out Myron's term.

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