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Jeff Mcknight Running For Lawrence County District 1 Seat

Jeff Mcknight announces he is Republican candidate for Lawrence County Council District 1, who state he is a true fiscal conservative.

Jeff Mcknight running for Lawrence County Council District 1

Mcknight, a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, a retired farmer and business owner. My wife is Paula Tolbert McKnight.

Jeff McKnight has 2 children: son Andy McKnight and his wife Liz; and a daughter Laurin and husband Josh Perry. We also have six grandchildren.

" I want to serve on the County Council because I feel my skills as a businessman would be a

real asset to county government. I will look at the issues we face in the coming year with a

different perspective and a fresh set of eyes looking for common sense solutions to issues that arise. My guiding principle is to limit government growth and its impact on our daily lives while still promoting necessary functions of county government," says Mcknight.

"Let’s work together to keep Lawrence County on the right path," concluded Mcknight.

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