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Jansen Keynon hired as Burris Elementary School Employee with a fan club of support

MITCHELL - MARCH 14, 2023 - The Mitchell School board had a lot to celebrate during their meeting Monday night. From naming of softball fields after the Parker family, to the success of the winter athletic programs, and the capital improvement projects, there were plenty to smile about.

Photo: Jansen Keynon was hired as Burris Elementary Food Services employee

However, the biggest smiles came from the hiring of a former Mitchell Community School student, who wanted to contribute to the school corporation as an employee.

Video: The hiring of Jansen Keynon

Keynon had a room full of supporters and a fan club, who knew he was just perfect for the job.

Photo: A room full of supporters for a Burris Elementary School job applicant

"Kenyon went through the Life Skills program at the high school, and this young man wanted to give back to the school district. He wanted to be part of our corporation. Sometimes you have positions in our school corporation, one being a three-hour dish washing job. There were zero applicants for that position. This was at least four years that I have been here. This young man wanted that job," said Mitchell Community School Supt. Brent Comer.

" Many will say that the corporation is really helping out that young man, that may be true to a degree. But the biggest help is coming from Jansen to this corporation. He is fulfilling the need that no one wanted to do, and that job is a necessary job. Do not do dishes a day or two at your home and see what happens," added Comer.

" He earned that job and is a vital part of that job, and vital part of the school. It is teaching students in that building. And every person in Mitchell has a place, and every job needs filled. Do not limit people to things that people cannot do, look past that and find out what they really can do," Comer concluded.

Photo: The Mitchell Administration building was packed with supporters of Jansen Keynon

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