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James T. Harrington Sworn in as Oolitic Town Marshal

OOLITIC - (December 18,2021) - James T. Harrington was sworn in as Oolitic's new town marshal during a brief special meeting Saturday night at Oolitic Town Hall.

Oolitic Town Marshal James T. Harrington sworn in Saturday night

Harrington is no stranger to law enforcement who began his career in Ohio County, Kentucky serving from 2000- 2003 before taking a job at the Toyota Plant in Princeton, Indiana.

Harrington has served as deputy town marshal in Haubstadt, in Gibson County Indiana from 2003-2006 and back as a deputy in Ohio County Kentucky from 2006 - 2011.

He also served town marshal for the town of Marengo and Gosport, Indiana.

Oolitic Town Marshal James T. Harrington signs documents Saturday night

Harrington partner Deny will be patrolling the streets of Oolitic.

" I love serving in small communities, building relationships with the residents with 1 on 1 conversations. It makes it easier knowing who belongs where and tackling crime such as drugs that are in small communities," said Harrington.

Marshall Harrington and his partner Deny

" I appreciate the assistance that I have already received from the other police agencies in Lawrence County," added Harrington.

Harrington is divorced who has two children which include a 4-year-old son, and 6-year daughter.

The Town of Oolitic plans to hire two more part-time deputy marshals and also have a few more reserve marshals to provide better police protection. The town would hope to hire at least one deputy marshal at the December monthly meeting.

Harrington new radio designation will be (301).

Retired Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries with (left) Carla Roberts and (far right) Annette Norrick

Ooltic Town council has voted to retire former Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries unit number (312) and allowed him to keep his service weapons and badge. Jeffries has served the Oolitic community for 41 plus years and was not able to attend Saturday's meeting due to prior commitments.

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