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Jake Mathews Seeks Lawrence County Council District 2 Seat

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 29, 2022) - Jake Mathews is seeking the Republican nomination for Lawrence County Council District 2 Seat. The seat is currently held by Mike Wright who chose not to run for another term.

Jake Mathews is seeking the Republican nomination for Lawrence County Council District 2

All the Lawrence County Council candidates were given the same questions here is Jake Mathews response to those questions.

Some candidates use the term conservative in their campaign press release; however, the Lawrence County budget is over $28 Million the highest on record. Explain how you will look at the future budget process.

1. If elected, I would like to look into the budget deeper and see what cuts, if possible, can be done as to holding department heads more accountable to tighten and reduce their budget. When the budgets are proposed, many questions need to be raised and ask by the council to clarify to the council as to the increases. The last budget passed was the largest in Lawrence county history and I don't feel ample questions were raised to support this.

The recent justice study calls for a $46 Million new jail to be constructed at another location, new justice center, and a fourth courtroom. As a county council member how would you pay for this proposal, and what taxes would be utilized to pay for this?

2.I do not believe at this time a new jail is in order. There has been no mention of how to fund this. Does the county have any funds set aside for this? Are new and higher taxes coming? How will this be funded? I am not a supporter of any new taxes. I think we can all agree we are taxed enough with the inflation rate at an all time high at this time.

Why do you want to be a county council member?

3. I have lived in Lawrence county district 2 all of my life. The first thing I would look at is the

lack of transparency in our local govemment. I, myself have ask questions and concems of one of our elected officials. I was told that there is nothing I person can do. This is not acceptable to me. The questions begin and end with I person. In my mind we need to put an end to this type of mind set and be more accountable to the tax payers we serve, we deserve answers .

How would you make sure county office holders keep within their established budgets?

4. I believe if department heads were held accountable for their employees and making sure their time is being used efficiently with the right tools and material for the job. If not, the department head would be responsible for explaining the deficiency to the council and recommendations on how to correct.

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