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Jail Counts Continue to Remain Under Control

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 26, 2022 - Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham reported that the jail capacity on Tuesday was at 110 inmates which the jail was at 61 percent capacity.

Efforts made by all the Justice System partners in Lawrence County who have worked together to keep the jail population under control.

Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III

The Lawrence County Judges from both Superior Court Judge John Plummer III and Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline, Prosecutor Office Samuel Arp II and Chief Public Defender Tim Sledd have made a huge impact since June.

Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline

Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II

The recent jail study proposing a $46 Million new correctional facility to be built on Beech Street says that the jail population will continue to rise over the next few years.

Lawrence County Chief Public Defender Tim Sledd

Public Defender Tim Sledd thanked the Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham and his jail commander for making it easier to see his clients.

Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham

The Lawrence County Superior Court Judges have been making sure that initial hearings are held quickly and that inmates who not a threat to the public are released quicker.

The Lawrence County Prosecutor's office working with the Judges, and Public Defenders have streamlined the legal process for these inmates.



  • MALES - 93

  • FEMALES - 17

  • LEVEL 6 FELONS - 4


  • PAROLE - 1

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