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Jackson's Heavy Haul and Gear Works Merge Operations

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 6 - 2022 - Jackson's Heavy Haul and Gear Works have merged their operations into one of Lawrence County's four towing companies.

Wes and Angel Jackson stand with their fleet of wreckers in Bedford

Wes Jackson told the Lawrence Zephyr that he broke off from Gear Works a two years ago and went into the heavy haul business. Now it was decided to merge both Jackson's Heavy Haul and Gear Works into the same operation.

The company will provide six full time wreckers that will be available 24 hours, seven days a week to meet the needs of Lawrence County residents.

Services provided includes but not limited to lock outs, fuel delivery, tire changing services, towing and roadside assistance to name a few.

" We are not a triple AAA provider as it was very difficult for towing companies to get reimbursed for services." said Jackson. " The third-party providers that many insurance companies use; have been requiring their customers to pay the towing company first. The insurance company then will in turn reimburse the insurance company's customer,"

Jackson Heavy Haul and Gear Works merge operations

Jackson Heavy Haul has Tow Lots in three locations which include Springville, Bedford, and Mitchell. Lawrence County requires that wrecker services have a location north and south of the White River. The City of Bedford requires the wrecker service provide quick response and availability to be added to the rotation of wrecker service providers.

Jackson Heavy Haul helps lift a dump truck in Huron recently

There are a total of four towing companies in Lawrence County which also include Stone City Towing, Mikels and Blands Wrecker services.

Both Jackson's Heavy Haul number at 812-583-8666 or 812-583-8396 and Gear Works number is still available at 812-275-0182

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Jun 07, 2022

This guy is nothing but a liar and a thief! Towed a vehicle and first tried to say the Sheriff’s Office had it towed then changed his story when they were contacted and advised they didn’t have it towed. Then he said a church had it towed and once again when the church was contacted they advised that they didn’t have it towed either. Not to mention that he overcharged for storage and that he did this all as a favor for someone for reasons he shouldn’t have. If you need more details feel free to contact me!

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