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"It is Time to Put a Freeze to Spending" Says Eric Schansberg Congressional Candidate - District 9

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

AREA - ( March 30, 2022) - Dr. Eric Schansberg, long time economics professor at Indiana University Southeast is running for U.S. Congress District 9

According to Schansberg he is a Pro-life, pro Constitution, and fiscal conservative.

Dr. Eric Schansberg reached out to the Lawrence County Zephyr in a phone interview Wednesday morning answering questions on why he wants to go to Washington D.C.

" It's time we put a freeze on the spending in Congress, when Congress talks about cuts it only a reduction from 8 percent down to 7 percent and we call that a cut," said Schansberg

"What we really need is to freeze the budgets across the board and look at what can really be done to the out of control spending in Washington D.C.; its immoral of what we have done as far as spending," said Schansberg.

In addition, Schansberg stated that a true conservative needs sent to Congress who will address Regulations, simple tax code, Social Security, and give back more authority to the states. A conservative that both parties have rampant spending by both parties needs to be frozen.

Government should be smaller, less intrusive, and less burdensome on the tax payer.

Schansberg states the big issue is Federalism and he believes in the 10th Amendment, using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example when the federal government told local school districts they should wear masks. " The people of Bedford, Indiana should decide what is best for them. The decisions need to be made in Bedford, not Washington D.C.,"

The tenth amendment states that powers not granted to the federal government were reserved for the states.

There is no return on investment from Social Security and Schansberg stated it time to look at other ways to get better returns. Currently, there is 0 % return for Social Security recipients.

Dr. Schansberg has taught economics for more than 30 years and has written two books on public policy. One of those books is titled " Poor Policy: How Government Harms The Poor and Turn Neither Right or Left: A Thinking Chrisitan's Guide to Politics and Public Policy.

To find out more about Dr. Eric Schansberg you can go to Home (

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