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Investigation by Medicaid Fraud Unit Leads to Arrest former Nurse at Westview Manor

BEDFORD - JUNE 17, 2022 - A nurse was arrested following an investigation by the Indiana Attorney General Office and Medicaid fraud unit.

Investigator Vinnie Gieselman Drug Diversion Investigator and Medicaid Fraud Unit Investigator Julie Nicholson led an investigation in regard to missing medication at Westview Nursing Home 1510 Clinic Drive in Bedford.

Hannamarie York

Hannamarie York, 37 Bedford was arrested on felony charges of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, and failure to make or keep a controlled substance record.

An investigation was launched after Westview Nursing Center contacted authorities to report their concerns. A licensed nurse reported concerns to the Director of Nursing and the facility contacted authorities for a more complete investigation.

York has been an LPN since September of 2005; and employees of Westview are required to complete and maintain accurate records both under Indiana and Federal law to the dispensing of controlled substances.

According to the investigators report on July 9, 2020, York failed to administer the proper dose and prescription for a patient at the facility who was to receive Lortab tablets. It was discovered by the nurse that there were missing tablets based on the prescription to be given and the records at the shift change.

There were six pills at the start of the shift, based on the prescription there should have been four pills left at the shift change. However, there was none found at the end of the shift.

York was questioned about the discrepancies and York started making entries into the patients record stating she had given the medication to the patient. But, the nurse noticed that entries were already made entries for the medication two pills given but the entries that York made in the system was incorrect.

York suggested that perhaps she gave the patient a double dose. but this still would not account for the missing pills. York then became upset, confused, and lamented about how busy it was and passed it off on events that occurred at the facility during the shift.

York suggested to the nurse that she might have some of her husbands medication in her vehicle and asked whether she could replace it with the missing medication. The nurse rejected that idea, and both started looking for the missing medication. York asked the nurse to look in the medication room for the missing pills. When the nurse returned, York suddenly appeared and supposedly found the four missing pills in the cart. However two of the pills were of the correct dosage and the other two were not.

The nurse reported the incident to the Director of Nursing, and an audit of the narcotic audit which discovered the only discrepancy other than the one in question. Staff asked residents about their pain medication and none stated they missed theirs including the patient in question and none of the patients were in pain.

York was then interviewed by Westview in their own internal investigation and following the internal investigation York was suspended and was taken for a drug screen. Later in the day she texted Westview and informed them she was resigning.

A drug screen showed that York tested positive for opioids and benzodiazepines, including Hydrocodone, Clonazepam, and Alprazolam.

During an interview conducted with investigators by the Medicaid Fraud Unit and Attorney General's office York admitted to having a drug problem and took the four missing pills.

York is to appear in Lawrence County Superior Court II on June 27, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. for an initial hearing. York is being represented by attorney's James G. Pittman and Michelle Woodward.

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