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Interim NLCS Superintendent Dr. James M. Halick to be paid $1,000 a day

BEDFORD - JANUARY 19, 2023 - The interim North Lawrence Community School Superintendent Dr. James M. Halick terms of his contract was obtained from the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Dr. James M. Halick

Under the terms of the contract the consultant will provide no less than 60 days of his interim superintendent consulting service to NLCS between February 1, 2023, through June 30, 2023.

Should his services be required beyond those dates, the additional days shall not exceed 12 days.

The fees for his services include $1,000 per day, plus mileage 56 miles X 2 = 112 Miles X .65.5 = $73.36. He will be paid the last scheduled pay date of each month during the terms of his contract. NLCS shall pay when and as due all local, state, and federal income taxes or other taxes incurred as a result of payments owed.

If the consultant shall travel for school business the consultant will be reimbursed for milage incurred at a IRS of .65 a mile.

The contract is entered into as an independent contractor.

Temporary Superintendent Dr Steve Underwood will be paid $200 a day in addition to his assistant principal. His contract began January 13, 2023, until January 31, 2023.

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