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Indiana State Police Superintendent Statement Following HEA 1296 Signed into Law

INDIANAPOLIS - (March 22, 2022) -Following today's signing of HEA 1296 by Governor Holcomb, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter has issued the following statement.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter

“As Superintendent of the Indiana State Police, I have pledged my continued commitment to Governor Holcomb to work toward solutions enacting HEA 1296. I, like Governor Holcomb, feel enormous responsibility for front-line law enforcement officers. I will work with law enforcement leaders across our state to make necessary changes to firearms enforcement as well as identifying the best way to identify individuals who are not allowed to carry a firearm as defined by Indiana statute.”

“We will continue to encourage citizens to apply for, and maintain, a firearms permit. A permit will assist law enforcement officers and will also allow a permit holder reciprocity with other states.”

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter was joined by the state's Fraternal Order of Police, and Police chief's association and county prosecutor's association who strongly objected to the proposal.

During a state's Senate Hearing on the bill ISP's Carter told those in the hearing, " if lawmakers support the bill, you will not be supporting us,"

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Indiana State Police Superintendent maintains the U.S. Constitution is not unlimited

Carter told the Associated Press that approval of the measure " does not support law enforcement - period,"

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