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Indiana State Fire Marshal shuts down work on collapsed building on Main Street in Mitchell

MITCHELL - AUGUST 8, 2023 - The Indiana State Fire Marshal Office has placed a stop order on work being performed at 621 Main Street.

The construction company Hooper Construction failed to get an engineering study and building permit from the State Building Commission in Indiana.

The owner of the property is now wanting to demolish the building according to Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins during Monday night's city council meeting.

The Mayor plans to meet with Indiana Landmarks to see if the building at 621 Main Steet can be restored as well as the Old National Bank building.

The city did not impose any fines on the property owner following the building collapse and gas leak last year.

Acting Mitchell Mayor Larry Caudell said the city would not impose any fines on the property owner.

Current Mayor Nathan Jenkins said the property owner would not face any fines from the City of Mitchell despite city ordinances require it. Many downtown businesses had to be evacuated and closed for several hours.

The Mitchell Mayor Jenkins says he does not think the Old National Building can be salvaged either the building deteriorated rapidly.

Steve Grissom gave the building back to the City of Mitchell and decided they no longer wanted the building.

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