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Indiana State Board of Accounts Conducts Audit of Lawrence County Auditor's Office

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 16, 2022) - The Lawrence County Zephyr has learned that a routine audit of Lawrence County Auditor's Office was completed.

Following the Lawrence County Commissioner's meeting on Tuesday the media, and public was asked to leave so various office holders and department heads could hear about the results of the recent audit conducted by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

This included the Lawrence County Commissioners, Lawrence County Council, both former Lawrence County Auditor Jody Edwards, and current Auditor Jessica Staggs and Sheriff Mike Branham were included in this meeting.

No county official would comment on the results of the audit. The State Board of Accounts will release those results within the next ten days on the Indiana Gateway portal for those interested in the results.


Lawrence County Zephyr will try to provide updates when this information is available.

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