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Indiana Secretary of State Morales delivers check to Lawrence County Voter Registration on Wednesday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 24, 2024 - Secretary of State Diego Morales visited the Lawrence County Voter Registration office this morning at 8:00 to deliver the grant money awarded in January.

A total of $20,308.21 was a awarded to the county voter registration.

Amy Voorhies, Lawrence County Clerk, the election board consisting of John Williams and Don Robertson, the office staff, and Commissioners worked  together to get this grant. A special thanks to Secretary of State Morales for allowing Lawrence County to apply the grant money to our specific needs.  

The Lawrence County Clerk Amy Voorhies was awarded the Federal Help America Vote Act for local election improvement and security efforts.

The money will help streamline the 2024 Presidential Election in Lawrence County.

  • The grant will help with a Community Outreach Booth. A kit will be set up at fairs, festivals, and expos to encourage voter registration. Promote poll worker recruitment with a total cost of $1,019.95.

  • Absentee Ballot Processing Equipment - help process absentee ballots and scanning voter registration forms. Cost $2,489.16.

  • Election Equipment Storage - Add addition storage space for voting equipment and shelving for voting machines Cost $12,800

  • Counter for the Voter Registration Office - Steve Broniarczyk, with Protective Security Advisor for Indianapolis District CISA Region 5 visited the Lawrence County Voter Registration on October 4, 2023 recommended a front counter for foot traffic and security. Total cost $3,800. The front door replacement with a window to allow security team visual contact with the office total cost $200

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Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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