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Indiana Legislature Repeals Gun Permit Requirement - Despite Indiana State Police Supt. Opposition

INDIANA - (March 9, 2022) - Both the Indiana House and Senate approved to repeal the gun permit requirement. The vote carried in the Indiana Senate 30-20.

Eric Koch - Senator District 44, Bedford presented the bill in the senate

This came despite the opposition of the repeal from the Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter's opposition to loosening Indiana law in carrying a firearm.

The bill passed after House members in a 68-30 vote.

Once the bill makes it to Governor Eric Holcomb's desk, he will have seven days to sign or veto the measure, or could become law without his signature.

The bill itself will allow anyone age 18 or older to carry a handgun in public except for having a felony conviction, facing a restraining order, or having a dangerous mental illness.

Republican Ben Smaltz, Republican from Auburn, sponsored the bill that entitles a "lawful Hoosier" who has not done anything wrong to be fingerprinted to obtain a handgun permit.

Bedford's Eric Koch, presented the bill in the Senate said he considered the law enforcement community to be divided on the issue but maintains that obtaining a gun permit a option, and he believes most Hoosiers will still follow that process.

" Criminals already carry firearms, without regard to the law," Koch said. "Lawful carry simply puts the law abiding on equal footing,"

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter, joined by the state's Fraternal Order of Police, and Police chief's association and county prosecutor's association who strongly objected to the proposal.

During a state's Senate Hearing on the bill ISP's Carter told those in the hearing, " if lawmakers support the bill, you will not be supporting us,"

Indiana State Police Superintendent maintains the U.S. Constitution is not unlimited

Carter told the Associated Press that approval of the measure " does not support law enforcement - period,"

Nine Republicans joined all 11 Democrat Senate members in voting against the measure. Those senators were Eric Bassler, Washington, Vanetta Becker, Evansville, Liz Brown, Fort Wayne, Ed Charbonneau, Valparaiso, Michael Crider, Greenfield, Sue Glick, Lagrange, Chip Perfect, Lawrenceburg, Greg Walker, Columbus, and Kyle Walker, Indianapolis.

Democrat House Phil GiaIaquinta, Fort Wayne, told legislatures that they should keep the handgun permit requirement in support of law enforcement.

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