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Indiana Legislation 19 years later requires Hoosiers to move their clock forward on Sunday

STATE - MARCH 4, 2024 - Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels got his Republican counter parts to get legislation passed to join the rest of the United States to move on with the times and move the state onto Daylight Savings Time back in 2005.

The DST in Indiana began in 2006, that still has support and those who oppose this yearly ritual.

This Sunday, Hoosiers will move their clocks forward on March 10, 2024.

Photo: The clock in Shoals, Indiana will have to move forward on Sunday, as the State of Indiana moves to Daylight Savings Time

  • Has this legislation improved your lives?

  • Do you think this has helped the business community?

  • Does the time change improve health and improve the quality of life?

Go to the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page and express your feelings as in most cases will not change the outcome!


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