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Indian Creek Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Jet Skier from Salt Creek

COXTON - MAY 21, 2022 - Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department rescued a jet skier from Salt Creek late Saturday morning.

Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department uses a boat to rescue a Jet Skier from Salt Creek Saturday morning

Thanks to a coordinated effort between Lawrence County 911 dispatchers and emergency personnel who helped perform the rescue from the swift waters of Salt Creek. Lawrence County 911 dispatchers remained on the phone with him until he was rescued by the Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The call came in around 10:22 a.m. from the jet skier himself reporting he was in the water and needing assistance. The person was eventually located between Old State Road 450 and the Milwaukee Trail on Salt Creek.

Emergency personnel assist Austin from the boat to a ATV to be evaluated by emergency personnel

It took emergency personnel about 40 minutes to locate him. Lawrence County Sheriff's Department used the sirens from their police cars to help pinpoint his exact location along Salt Creek.

Lawrence County Sheriffs Department sirens from their vehicles to help locate the jet skier and pinpoint his location

At times the person being rescued did not know whether he was going to be able to hang on long enough before the emergency personnel could get to him.

However, the 911 dispatchers encouraged him to hang-on just a little bit longer. The jet skier did have a life jacket on at the time of the rescue.

The person recued was taken to a waiting IU Health Ambulance to be evaluated at the scene.

Indian Creek Volunteer firefighters retrieve the jet ski from Salt Creek to prevent future calls of a missing person

The Indian Creek VFD purchased a boat for rescues like today, however the department is waiting on a larger boat motor and more training before going into service.

" We are working towards getting a larger boat motor, and we want our firefighters trained more before we actually are available for rescues," said Monty Wright Fire Chief Indian Creek VFD.

Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department, IU Lifeline Ambulance Service, Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, Indiana State Police, and Indiana Conservation Officers responded to today's incident.

A Coxton Road resident allowed emergency personnel to use his private boat ramp in todays rescue.

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