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In approximate Two Hour Meeting Mitchell City Council take no action on any matter

MITCHELL - NOVEMBER 7, 2023 - In a two hour long meeting the Mitchell City Council did not take any votes on matters or concerns of its residents.

Photo: Mitchell new trash truck is on order

President Larry Caudell presided over the meeting with Mayor Nathan Jenkins and George James absent from Monday night's city council meeting.

Caudell updated the residents on their concerns about mobile homes and modular homes. The resident concerns about code enforcement continues on issues throughout the small Indiana city.

No action was taken during last night meeting on a proposed trash collection fees. The trash truck has been ordered and is expected to arrive soon.

The repairs and costs related to the city pool have been tabled, major work on the plumbing is required.

The budget appropriations for 2024 have been tabled until the December meeting.

Mitchell Street Commissioner Gearld Mosier expressed concerns about water/sewer issues that have been causing damage throughout the city.

The $700,000 of city funds water/sewer was again questioned during the meeting with the Mitchell city council using the funds on the Flynn Housing Development.

Other residents concern about animal control and the use of the the former bank building was expressed.


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