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In a 3 -1 vote Mitchell City Council passes increase in trash fees the contract questioned

MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 5, 2024 - The Mitchell City Council passed an increase of trash fees during their meeting Monday night in a 3 -1 vote.

Mitchell residents will have a $4 increase in 2024 and $1 increase in fees in 2025. Mitchell residents are currently paying $10.

Mitchell City Council member Daniel Talbott did not attend tonight's meeting.

Dan Terrell opposed the increase in fees due to the way the City of Mitchell entered into a $807,000 contract with the purchase of the trash truck and toters required for trash pick-up.

Photo: Mitchell residents will be paying more for trash pick up in 2024 and 2025

" Since the public hearing I found out more than, I previously knew. I object to the whole trash thing, the way it was done, what we are having to do here; the increases, I do not know if there is anything we can do about it, " said Dan Terrell.

" The contract was signed without council knowledge, it was signed before the two months before a temporary Republican Mayor Jenkins left office," Terrell added.

The contract was not approved by the city council neither was the public made aware of the contracts the City of Mitchell entered into.

" This would probably cost us more to get out of, than to fight it, when I get to thinking about it, I just do not see one good thing of what we have done for the citizens of Mitchell,"

" You can cite the safety thing, and inflation but there is a lot of negative,"

Newly elected Mayor Don Caudell told those in attendance that the city went about this the wrong way but we do have contractual obligations that was signed in good faith. The manufacturer did not have knowledge that the contract was not done accordingly and that the Mitchell City Council did not approve it.

" But we will have to have additional funds and the fees would have to be raised regardless," concluded Mayor Don Caudell.

The Lawrence County Zephyr has learned that appointed Republican Mayor Nathan Jenkins and a small committee appointed by Mayor Jenkins entered into the contract on their own without the Mitchell City Council knowledge or legal approval.

At this time it is not known whether the City of Mitchell has entered into other contracts without the city council's knowledge.

In addition, at this time it is not known whether the City of Mitchell sought legal advice from Mitchell City attorney on this matter.

Former Mayor Nathan Jenkins was appointed Mayor in a caucus held by the Republican party and precinct committee members.

This was to fill the vacancy left by former Mayor J.D. England who resigned. Former Mayor J.D. England served as a precinct committee member to appoint the next Mayor of Mitchell.


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