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IDEM Monitoring Situation at GM Powertrain - No Health Threats to Community

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 - The Indiana Department of Environmental Management was contacted Thursday night in regard to a foul odor on Bedford's northside. The odor was discovered to come from the filtration plant at GM Powertrain 105 GM Drive in Bedford.

According to Valarie Luchauer, Lawrence County Emergency Management Director, she was contacted by IDEM on Thursday night.

Bedford Fire Department responded to the area around 7:00 p.m. and located the source of the odor. It was determined that it was coming from the filtration plant, which receives gases from the plant. A chemical was not added at the specified quantity needed; therefore, causing the issue.

The odor is expected to dissipate on its own and is not a threat to the health of local residents.

An inspector from the IDEM was to arrive early Friday morning and coordinate any other responses with the City of Bedford.

Lawrence County Zephyr will monitor developments in this story.

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