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Huron Fire Chief to hang up his fire helmet - Celebration on Saturday at Mitchell Community Center

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

HURON - DECEMBER 27, 2023 - Huron Volunteer Fire Department Fire chief Bill Kinser will be retiring from the fire service.

The public is invited to congratulate Kinser on his service to the community.

Photo: Huron Volunteer Fire Chief Bill Kinser ( red shirt) will be retiring from the fire service, public invited to congratulate him at the Mitchell Community Center on Saturday from 2:00 - 8:00 pm

The event will take place on Saturday December 30th from 2-8 pm at the Mitchell Community Center.

Food and drinks are available to those who attend.

Previous news story below:

On June 24, 2023 the Huron Volunteer Fire Department just got back from a fire call, and Fire Chief Bill Kinser was getting things put together for the next fire call at the fire station on late that Monday evening.

Photo: Firefighters from Huron, and Marion Township VFD install a ramp from donations from the community

When all of the sudden Bill started feeling chest pains and the signs of a heart attack coming on.

" I called my wife Judy and she started to place calls and get me some help," said Bill Kinser Huron VFD Fire Chief.

Emergency personnel from both Huron and Marion Township Volunteer Fire Departments responded with ambulance personnel from IU Lifeline Ambulance.

When EMS personnel from the fire department arrived they discovered Kinser had a low blood pressure with a systolic blood pressure of 74.

A request for medical helicopter was made to transport Kinser to an Indianapolis hospital immediately from the fire station.

Kinser was airlifted from the scene to Methodist Hospital and was unloaded from the helicopter and within a short time went into cardiac arrest.

"They gave me CPR so hard that they punctured my lung, and damaged my liver, but I am starting to heal," said Kinser.

For the next several days they did not give much hope for Kinser to survive and was on a ventilator.

" I was on a ventilator for 36 days before, I woke up, thanks to the many prayers, I am here talking to you this day. I still having a few issues being on the vent,"

Kinser was in the hospital for more than 40 days. " When you die, like I did, you are at peace, I felt that peace, it is not easy to describe but I felt that peace,"

"I want to thank the Lord, for giving more time to help people, I am glad he noticed the more than 50 years of helping the community as a medical responder and firefighter,"

On Saturday August 12, 2023 the favor was returned when the community took up monetary donations and firefighters from Huron and Marion Township Volunteer Fire Departments showed up this weekend and built a ramp and deck for Kinser to use.

" I will have a long road for recovery, and rehabilitation. I am just overwhelmed with the amount of outpouring of support from the community. I found out who your friends are," added Kinser. " I am currently using a wheel chair and walker but I am going to get to the place I do not have to use either one,"

The deck and ramp took volunteers almost about eight hours on Saturday to complete but Kinser was already out enjoying the company of his friends and workers who made it possible.

"All of us would agree if the tables was turned, Bill Kinser would be helping us. We want to wish Bill a speedy recovery,"" said the group.

" I know I would not be able to return to my current role, but might serve on boards, and volunteer in other ways. I just want to tell everyone , Thank You!," concluded Kinser.


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