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Hot Wheel Races coming to Oolitic May 20th

OOLITIC - JANUARY 31, 2023 - Brenda Corey, vice president Oolitic Town Council updated the members on the upcoming Hot Wheel Races which will be held on May 20, 2023.

File photo: TJ ( Logan) Grace asks to hold Hot Wheel Races in Oolitic

Back in June, L.J. (Logan) Grace appeared before the Oolitic Town Council back in June, 2022 to make three requests to the council.

One of Logan's requests was for Hot Wheels Races, to be held in the town.

During their meeting in July, the council approved his request to have the race on May 20, 2023. He was hoping to have the event earlier like in September but decided that more planning would have to take place to make it a better event.

Corey reports that Corey Mikels, Mikels Signs have donated a banner for the event and Kern's Speed Shop has donated two trophies.

The racing season begins for area race car drivers; however, some have committed to setting up along Main Street for the 1st time event, organized by the Oolitic youth.

More details about the event will be forth coming but, TJ has given his approval to what has been planned so far. Youth are asked to start getting their hot wheels together for a fun day of racing for youth.

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