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Hot Wheel Races Coming to Oolitic May 20, 2023

OOLITIC - JULY 19, 2022 - The Oolitic Town Council approved L.J. (Logan) Grace appeared before the Oolitic Town Council back in June to make three requests to the council.

One of Logan's requests was for Hot Wheels Races, to be held in the town.

During their meeting on Tuesday, the council approved his request to have the race on May 20, 2023. He was hoping to have the event earlier like in September but decided that more planning would have to take place to make it a better event.

The event is still in the planning stages but will focus on Hot Wheel car races with games and other activities to focus on youth and racing.

Oolitic Town Council approved to appropriate $3,000 for health insurance costs for town employees. This is the first time; the town offered the benefit to its town employees. Only 3 out 6 town employees took part in the program. The actual cost is just under $1,700 but the town appropriated enough money should the town hire another employee.

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