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Historic Elks Building in Bedford Indiana is on the Auction Block

BEDFORD - JULY 20, 2023 - The Historic Elks building in Bedford is on the Auction Block with all on-line bids are due by August 16th.

Photo: Located at 1102 15th Street the Historic Elks Building is on the Auction Block

In 2015, the building was on Indiana Landmark's Top 10 Endangered List and the transfer of the building was given to Bedford Urban Enterprise Association to try and save the building.

The application for the building was led by Joey Elliott and then president Susan Gales, BRI, then Marla Jones, City of Bedford Director of Business & Community Development.

The members of the Elk Club declined over the years as well as funding to maintain the structure.

Larry Shaver who served many roles in the Elks organization helped with the preservation efforts of the building.

Individuals and organizations worked to preserve the building which included the Bedford Revitalization Inc., Lawrence County Community Foundation Inc., Lawrence County Economic Council, City of Bedford, Bedford Federal Savings Bank, Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Lawrence County Museum, and the Bedford Urban Enterprise Association.

At the time it was decided that the Bedford Urban Enterprise Association was in better position to receive the building.

The Bedford Urban Enterprise Association was committed to getting the building restored and renovate the building.

At one time former Bedford Mayor Shawna Girgis, wanted to study the idea of the building being a future City Hall or police station for the city.

The City of Bedford in 2011 planning efforts to revitalize Bedford's downtown and was committed to keeping the historic building.

After August 16th deadline Bedford residents may see new owners of the historic building.


1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

1420 L Street Bedford, Indiana

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