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Hiring of Deputy Marshal put on Hold for Oolitic

OOLITIC - MARCH 27, 2023 - Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington requested to hire Ryan Duckett as a part-time deputy marshal was put on hold. Brenda Corey, vice-president of the board wanted to discuss the matter further before hiring of Duckett.

The Town of Oolitic has one full-time town marshal and three part-time marshals to keep the town fully staffed. One deputy marshal has a resigned from the department.

In addition, Harrington wanted the town council to consider allowing up to six reserves officers instead of the current town policy of having four. The town council did not act on that request.

The town council however approved the purchase of printers and hardware for the printers for the town police vehicles. The total cost for the purchase is $2,610.83. Thise would allow the issue of tickets, verses using ticket books that town currently uses.

The town council approved the purchase of Maglocclen law enforcement training and resources for law enforcement in the amount of $400. This resource is valuable to the town marshal's office.

The Oolitic Town Marshal's office is currently working a sexual assault case, details of that incident have not been released at this time.

The town marshal's office released the monthly activity report:

Oolitic Marshal’s Office

Calls for Service by Call Type

02/27/2023 to 03/27/2023

Call Type Count

Agencies Assisting Ollitic Marshal Office -26

Agencies Assisted by Ooltic Marshal Office - 36

Animal Complaint -1

Arrest Warrants (Attempted to Serve and Served) - 21

Calls for Service -7

Citations - 2

Citizen Assists -14

Criminal Case Numbers Assigned -3

Criminal Cases Submitted to LCPO -2

Criminal Confinement -1

Domestics -3

Drug Investigations -16

Fight -1

Harassment -1

Mental Health Crisis -5

Missing Juveniles -2

Motor Vehicle Collisions -5

Neglect of a Dependent -2

Obstruction of Justice -1

Ordinance Violation -2

OVWI Investigations -1

Search Warrants -4

Sex Offenses - 3

Suspicious Persons - 3

Traffic Stops -64

Transports -7

Welfare Check -1

Verbal Warnings -66

Total - 300

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